Updated Wednesday February 1, 2017 by SIBFL.

SIBFL House Rules 2017

Fly Weights

Skilled player weight is 109 Division weights 120

Players must be head up on the tackles. Ends can be shaded outside the tight ends.

Non skilled player must line up tackle to tackle.

They can’t advance the ball on turnover, kickoff, or kick field goals

Linebackers must be 3 yard back at time of snap at all times, Penalty Off side’s 5 yard penalty.

Cornerbacks must be 4 yards outside the ends

Punts must be announced are free Kicks, quick kicks do not have to be announced.

Extra-point Kicks are free kicks as well.

Jr. Midgets

Skilled player weight is 129 Division weights 155

Regular Federation rules apply

Sr. Midgets

Skilled player weight is 160 Division weights Unlimited

Any 14 year old who weighs 140 pounds or under playing in this division

MUST play the line. He cannot play in the backfield or wide receiver on offense.

He cannot kick. He cannot advance the ball. It is a dead ball.

If he is returning as a 7th grade 14 year old in the fall he can play in this division

For the spring he can play in this division but the rules above pertain


All Divisions= after the game all Coaches and Players must shake hands with opposing team. Failure to do this will be considered Unsporstmanship and coach or player will be up for suspension. When a Team is up by 9 points or more and has possession of the ball with one minute or less in the game he is to tell referee they are taking a knee, the Referee will pick up the ball indicating the game is over.


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